Saturday, February 2, 2019

Groundhog Day--and Hay

I've never put much stock in the groundhog.

Though he's right sometimes. The furry rodent saw his shadow last year and predicted six more weeks of winter. It was more like 10 weeks. I vividly remember wondering if spring would ever come.

I also remember counting bales of hay, and realizing that we were going to run out before the spring grass emerged.

My mother always says that you should have half your hay supply left on Groundhog Day.

Because even if spring is arriving in six weeks, that doesn't mean that lush pastures arrive then. It takes weeks for the grass to turn green and start growing. Grazing time usually begins in earnest around mid-April, about 10-11 weeks after Groundhog Day.

On this Groundhog Day, I am counting hay bales, and noting that we have about 65 percent of our hay supply left.

And, this morning the groundhog predicted an early spring.

News around the farm: Freezing fog and snow cover make for a beautiful morning. It'll be melting some today and a lot tomorrow, bringing mud. But for now, I'm enjoying the scenery.