Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Llama Shearing

I begin with a sedated llama.

Then, I add the tools of the trade: leather gloves, hand shears, and a bucket for the fiber.

At the halfway point, Llambert the Llama awakes from his nap and studies the pile of fiber. I worry that I'd spent too much time talking to the vet and let the sedation wear off. Will we have a partially-shaved llama this year? Will the llama let me finish clipping if he's awake?

My worries are for naught. Llama sighs and goes back to sleep.

I take the opportunity to flip his 340-pound body. I now have the other side to clip.

I finish the other side quickly. It's not pretty. It's not professional. But how many people can say they spent their lunchtime shearing a llama?

1 comment:

  1. Wow. That's just about as bad as the job I did last Easter when I clipped my first llama with a pair of (new) office scissors LOL. The llama owner, a 76 year old woman, did one side and I did the other. Her side was *much* better but the llama didn't seem to care.