Sunday, September 9, 2012

The School Lunch Menu -- circa 1970s

In my grandmother's Ball Home Canning book, I found a folded piece of paper.

On one side was a handwritten recipe for grape jelly. On the other, was a mimeographed school lunch menu.

Was it a menu from St. Pat's in Troy where I went to elementary school or was it a menu from St. Mary's in Springfield, where my grandmother was a school cook?

I consulted my sister.

It must be St. Mary's; there are no no-bake cookies on the menu, she responded.

There are some similarities at both schools. Both served fish on Friday. Both charged 15 cent for an extra pizza. Both served chocolate milk one day a week.

But, I think my sister's right. At St. Pat's, we always had peas with tuna noodle casserole; and we NEVER had prunes; and St. Pat's also served Heavenly Hash.

At both places, I'm willing to bet that the students ate what they were served.

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