Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Reminder

While mowing, the red cones caught my eye.

And, I found myself wondering how I'd lived on the farm for 20-some years and never stopped to admire the pine tree in spring.

Spring is like that. Nature bursts in bloom and song and warm breezes, and I jump into action: cleaning barns, mowing, and all those other chores that have been waiting for warmer days.

But those red cones reminded me to stop and admire the flowers.

From the bulbs I've planted over the years.

To the wildflowers that pop up throughout the yard.

Sometimes I need a reminder to stop and enjoy what is around me, to spend some time on the back porch, reading, watching the lambs prong in the pastures, the cats stalking each other in the yard and the birds belting out their best tunes. Sometimes it takes red pine cones in spring to do that.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Littlest Lamb

Our first lamb of spring was the smallest born on the farm, and I never expected her to live. She was half the size of her sister and could barely reach her mom's udder.

Twice a day I gave her a shot of Nutri-Drench, which gave her some extra calories and minerals. But, I never offered her a bottle. She was nursing and her mother was accepting her.

Every day, that little lamb peered out from behind her mother, letting me know she was still there.

While the other lambs packed on the pounds, she added ounces.

Now, 5 weeks after her birth, the cat still outweighs her.

But, she is eating, drinking and exploring--and it's time to move out of the barn. So this weekend, she, her sister and mom are moving from the barn and joining the rest of the flock.

I think she'll do just fine.