Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Squawk, A Glare, A Surprise

Rather than clean the barn, I engaged in a chicken photo session.

The nesting hen was not amused.

The other hens and roosters were more than happy to oblige... if I gave them food.

As always, the rooster was willing to strut around the barnyard and show off his shimmering feathers.

But finally, I said enough, and turned back to the task for the morning: cleaning the barn.

I cleaned around the counter and feed area, then turned my attention to the hay and straw. I planned to rake up the loose hay and straw and move the remaining bales into the corner.

However, the chickens changed my plans.

Apparently a hen has decided to make a nest. I'll give her a week or so and see if she decides to sit on the eggs.

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