Monday, August 15, 2011

Food Preservation -- Beagle Style

It's harvest time. I dig up potatoes, pull onions and trim their tops, harvest squash, pluck tomatoes, pick green beans.

Seeing the ram nearby, I pull weeds and toss him some.

I survey the harvest and am pleased considering the delayed planting due to a wet spring and the dry summer. I'll have plenty to store into fall and winter.

Barney the Beagle is thinking of storage, too.
Onion in mouth, he trots to the other side of the garden, digs a hole, and places the onion in the ground. Satisfied with his project, he uses his nose to push the dirt over the onion, covering it.

I leave it there. Maybe this fall we'll test storage methods -- and determine whose is better, mine or the dog's.

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