Friday, January 27, 2012

Rain in January

Rain is falling on semi-frozen ground, and no one is happy.

Because I want to preserve the pastures, the horses are confined to their paddock, where they've spent most of winter. They long to go to the pastures, nibble grass and run.

The sandy paddock offers enough space to run and buck, but I suspect the horses like to run on turf, dig their heels into dirt, and kick up divits.

The sheep aren't happy either. To preserve pastures, I'm keeping them in the barn area and feeding them first-cutting hay. They much prefer seeking the faded soft grass in the winter pastures to the dried hay they're given.

The Border collies aren't working sheep, and mile-long walks in the rain aren't enough to blow off steam -- for human or dogs.

We are all learning that the longest winters may not be the snowiest ones. Instead, they may the ones of endless rain and mud.

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