Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Sound in the Night

Had the wind been blowing, the chickens clucking, the birds singing, the horses chewing hay, I wouldn't have heard the gutteral murmur in the sheep paddock.

But the night was still, the chickens and birds roosting, the horses snoozing, and I heard the soft, throaty murmur, and the higher-pitched response.

That sound guided me to the sheep paddock. Though the darkness kept me from seeing, I knew a ewe had lambed.

So, I greet this St. Patrick's Day with green grass, a gentle breeze, bird song, clucks of chickens, and the miracle of lambing season.

Ewe 1014, aka The Virgin No More, aka Stomper, gave birth to a set of ewe lambs on March 16. They are about eight hours old in this photo.

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