Monday, September 9, 2013

I now get why people freak out at our curtainless windows

When the Gentlemen of the Road Tour landed in Troy in late August, we packed up the Border collies and moved into a house near the music festival.

And I was reminded of the move from the country to the city that happened when I was 11. My mother told me and my siblings frequently that we now had neighbors.

Now, as an adult, when I made the temporary move from country to city, I was again reminded of the neighbors. Houses were just yards away. Instead of seeing fields and trees, chickens, a cat, I saw buildings, people walking by, cars zooming past.

My peripheral vision, tuned to catch any movement, went into overload. My auditory senses, tuned to hear a vehicle sound, a human voice, did too.

The Border collies, though well-traveled, had an adjustment to make. So many people, noises, movements, in a 48-hour period.

When they returned home, they sought at their favorite spot and took much needed naps.

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