Saturday, December 21, 2013

Survey Says....

The snow has melted. It's now 55 degrees and raining, with more rain -- up to 4 inches -- predicted in the next 24 hours.

At feeding time this morning, I conducted a survey about the unusual December weather. The responses were:

Horses: Hooves Down -- We're stuck in the paddock... and our meager rations of hay are even more meager.

My little mountain ponies prefer standing outside in the rain and snow... unless it's feeding time.

Sheep: Hooves Up -- Alfalfa! Because the farmer can't stand to waste hay, she's not feeding us that boring first-cutting hay that we'll eat when it's freezing outside. Yeah, we can't go wander the pastures, but we get alfalfa!

These lambs can really pack it into their mouths.

I'm not sure if the brown lamb was in the feeder because it smelled of alfalfa... or if she was hoping to be first in line at feeding time.

Chickens -- Feet Up -- Who wants to scratch in the snow? Besides we might find some bugs in the mud.

Dogs -- Paws Down, Sort of -- We are Border collies -- and love to run and play in any kind of weather. But we definitely prefer the snow walks when we can go anywhere. A waterway filled with water means no walks near it. Hunting mice is also so much more fun in the snow!

Dewey Kitty -- Paws Sideways -- I can go outside for a longer time without getting cold... but there is no fire to snuggle up to when I come inside.

Louie (the indoor kitty) -- Paws Sideways -- It's raining?

Humans -- Thumbs Down. Yeah, the critters eat more when it's cold, and we use more fuel to heat the house... but all the critters are cleaner and the house is cleaner when the outside is snow-covered and freezing... and I love skiing.

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