Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sometimes You Catch a Moment of Pure Joy

During the afternoon of the second sunny day of the Great Snow Melt, the sheep ventured into the five-acre field.

While snow still covered the field, Llambert the Llama assured them it was passable, that they would not get stuck in a snow drift. So, for the first time in nearly six weeks, the sheep left the area around the barn.

Instead of rooting for grass underneath the melting snow, they ran circles in the snow.

From my office window, I watched as they acted like lambs, chasing each other, leaping and twisting and head-butting. Even the heavily-pregnant ewes joined in the game. Around and around they went. Then, they'd stop for a minute and continue the game.

I considered grabbing a camera and trying to capture the moment.

But instead, I let them be, and just watched from my window, smiling at their pure joy.

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