Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shedding Time

Ask people to give words for spring, and you'll likely hear:
Warm breezes
Green Grass
Bird Song

You seldom hear:

But yesterday, on that perfect warm, sunny spring day, I focused on the spring shed.

Starting with the Haflingers, I curried clumps of hair from face, legs, body, rump. I spent extra time on Lily's neck, underneath her thick mane. The winter hair there was long gone, but she enjoys a good rub and thanks me with an outstretched neck and quivering lip.

Next, I worked on the three Border collies. And, after removing mats, untangling hair, pulling out winter hair, I was thankful the fourth Border collie has a short, smooth coat.

But I was most thankful for the sheep, who take care of their own hair removal -- with the help of a fence.

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