Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Watching the Zucchini Grow

I noticed the two thumb-sized green fruits a few days ago.

Ah, the first zucchini of summer. I must watch them and pick them when they are six inches long, with tender skins and few seeds. I'll saute them with a little onion in butter and olive oil.

While zucchini is easy to grow, it takes constant vigilance. Those summer squash grow unnoticed under the cover of leaves until... BOOM! They're ginormous. Zucchinis that grow past a foot long are only good for chicken food.

Every year my chickens eat a lot of zucchini.

So twice a day, I inspect the zucchini vines.

The fruits don't seem to be growing.

Could it be that "a watched zucchini never grows?"

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