Wednesday, January 25, 2017

No Snow = Bad Pets

On this morning's walk, I paused. Was that a whiff of incoming snow? Or just wishful thinking?

No snow means gray days that don't seem to be growing longer.

It also means misbehaving pets: dogs pooping in their crates, dogs whining and pacing more, and Dewey Kitty at his worst: begging to go outside, begging to come inside, knocking over trash cans, knocking over my cup of tea.

The dogs are getting more exercise this winter than during the cold, blustery, snowy winters. Every day, I take them on their 1.5-mile trek, and several times a week, Jack and Niki herd sheep. Dewey Kitty is spending more time outside than is typical in winter.

Maybe the cats and dogs are like me. When the cold, snowy weather hits, I go into semi-hibernation mode; I stoke the fire, make a cup of tea and settle in with a good book. Dewey Kitty does the same, though he sleeps rather than reads.

Warm weather signals our bodies to do something, but we aren't quite sure what that should be.


  1. so how big is this Dewey Kitty that he can knock over a trash can?? and I've been reading about him for years, shouldn't he be Dewey Cat by now?? although I have to admit I still call my 1 1/2 year old Casey Jones a kitten so maybe there's no cut-off age......

  2. He'll always be Dewey Kitty. I think he's about 8 years old... and weighs 12 pounds... or more.