Thursday, September 23, 2010

From my office window

I chose the room with windows on three sides for my office. The downside is that it's drafty during the winter months. The upside is my constantly changing view. As I've worked, I've watched the sheep graze. They aren't happy with me right now because I've shut them out of the alfalfa field. However, I gave them access to a pasture mixed with grasses, clover and a touch of alfalfa. They just didn't realize it yet. Sheep are creatures of habit. For four weeks, the habit has been to walk east to the alfalfa field. Tonight, when I let them out, it didn't occur to them to look north. So for 30 minutes they nibbled a low-cal pasture. Then, one of them discovered the open gate to the front pasture with the taller grass. From my window, I smiled as I watched the flock charge to the front pasture.

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