Friday, November 26, 2010

A Natural Christmas Tree

Dewey Kitty has us rethinking th eChristmas tree. Last year, he was an 8-10 week old kitten, and we enclosed the tree in a large dog x-pen. That -- why aesthetically not pleasing -- kept the little guy out. While he is a little less agile, he is more crafty this year. In the past few weeks, he's made a sport out of opening the vanity drawer in the bathroom to get to the hidden toilet paper roll. I don't want to think of how he'd maim and kill the Christmas tree ornaments. So, we're considering a tree decorated with just lights and pine cones. I collected and washed the pine cones today. Tomorrow, they go for a slow roast in the oven to kill any lingering insects. Then it's decorating time. I'd love to add popcorn strings to the tree -- but I know how Dewey Kitty loves popcorn. The tree is to be admired, not eaten.

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