Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Ram is No Gentleman

After overnight rain, I go to the pasture to feed the ram and three ewes. The ram is sleeping underneath the shelter. The three ewes are standing outside. The weather forecast calls for three inches of rain in the coming days, and I don't want my ewes standing out in it. This afternoon, we again did the sheep shuffle. I moved Megan and the Fat Four from the ram pen and out to a pasture for their daily exercise (dog herding practice). Afterwards, they happily joined the rest of the flock. This left the ram shelter and run open, so I moved the ram and three ewes to it. When I threw a flake of hay in the feeder, the ram ate it while the three ewes stood outside under the overhang. You aren't a sheep, you are a pig, I told him.

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