Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Rooster Moves to his New Home

Want to deflate the ego of a cocky, young rooster?

Move him to the old hen house.

Each year we save two young roosters for breeding. One stays with the young pullets. The other moves in with the older hens.

Until last week, the two young roosters were living with the young pullets. But as the weather warmed and the days grew longer, the hormones began flowing and the fighting increased. This weekend, one moved into the old henhouse.

Unlike the pullets, the old hens did not look at the young rooster with awe and admiration.

So, he spent the following morning trying to win their admiration. He clucked when he found scratch grain on the ground. But his real prize came later in the afternoon when he found one of the first worms of the season. Worm in mouth, he ran to the hens and strutted around them.

That move seemed to win some fans. For even a young rooster knows that women find men that cook charming.

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