Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Mysterious Cow

"Have you seen the cow?" the farmer asks as the spouse and I are sitting on the back porch eating dinner.

The farmer tells how when he was mowing hay in the nearby hay field, he saw cow patties in a corner. A day later, when they were baling hay near dusk, a black Angus cow, with horns, emerged from the fence row and began grazing. A farmhand tried to corral her, but she wanted nothing of that.

"I don't know who she belongs to," the farmer says, ticking off who has cows in the area. None have horned cattle.

On a few evenings, I've looked toward the corner of that hay field, but I've never seen a stray cow.

This morning, when the heat wave finally broke, I took the dogs on a walk around the hay fields and pond. Near the pond, I found a fairly new cow patty. Walking the edge of the pond, I found fairly fresh cow tracks. But I never saw a cow.

I assume the cow is still living on its own. It's found a source of food and water.

I wonder if I should report a "found" cow. But, I have no description -- other than it produces cow patties and has cloven hooves.

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