Sunday, November 18, 2012

A November walk

 The horses were taking their mid-morning nap. So rather than ride, I took the three Border collies on a trek through the harvested corn and soybean fields, the hay fields and around the pond.

 Caeli forgot she was a Border collie, and went into Mighty Coyote Huntress mode.

 Tag became a pointer.

 And Mickey trotted across the fields of green.

 I took time to smell the flowers... even if they were dandelions.

 Dandelions seem to thrive most months in Ohio.

Toward the end of the walk, we headed to the pond so the dogs could get a drink.

 The drought this summer left the pond low. But it makes it easier for the raccoons to dig up the fresh water clams (notice the shells behind Tag).

Caeli wrapped up the morning by giving her roll of gratitude.

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