Sunday, November 4, 2012

Job #1 Done. Now onto the Next.

The ram is no longer looking for love.

He's looking for food.

I discovered this when I stepped inside the chicken house and confronted the ram who had his head in the chicken feeder.

He'd squeezed in through the chicken door and was licking the remaining feed from the chicken feeder.

When turned out with the ewes a few weeks ago, he hadn't done much eating. Now, that the ewes are bred, he's turning his thoughts to food.

But chicken grain is not acceptable. I shooed him outside through the people door and adjusted the feeder. Turning, I see the ram squeezing through the door again.

So I banished him -- and the ewes and llama -- to the pasture and away from the chicken house and the barn.

"He can stay out there until he gets too big for the chicken door," I said.

The husband had other ideas. This morning, he put a chain on the chicken door so the door can't lift high enough for the ram to squeeze through.

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