Friday, February 15, 2013

Productive Distractions

Every few minutes I look up from my writing and glance out the window.

For an hour now, the sheep are huddled around the closed pasture gate.

I consider running outside and opening the gate so they can sprint to the barn. Instead, I write and watch, write and watch.

After an hour, the lead ewe turns and walks north toward the open gate in the far corner of the pasture.

My article is written, and I've moved on to my next assignment.

The sheep are now following the ewe in a single file line.

I write another paragraph and another.

Looking out again, I see the sheep have now walked from the far corner of the pasture and toward the barn. Smiling, I think, "I outlasted them."

And I marvel how much more productive and creative I am when surrounded by the distraction of stubborn ewes, terrorist kitties and dogs, not so patiently waiting to go outside.

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