Monday, February 25, 2013

The Great Shed Begins

I'm not sure who welcomes the late winter grooming more -- the horses or me.

The Haflingers are beginning the spring shed. Over the next few months they will lose the winter coats that protected them from the ice, snow and wind.

Today, I ran the curry comb in circles on their faces, legs, neck, bellies, backs and rumps. The horses sighed and lip-trembled in appreciation as dust and three-inch strands of hair loosened their hold on their winter coats.

When finished, I had a few handfuls of hairs and horses that still looked like yaks. I was dusty, hair-covered and reminded of my arm muscles.

Yet, I was happy to begin this rite of spring.

PHOTO: The photo was taken of Jet and Lily last year on one of those rare late winter days when the sun was shining. I love it because it captures the joy of sunshine and the promise of spring on a late February day.

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