Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Border Collie Quirks

Rather than try to figure them out, it's sometimes just best to live with Border collies.

On a recent walk, Caeli found some animal poo and did her best to cover up her black and white spots.

"You're getting the hose," I told her, even though it wasn't quite warm enough for outdoor baths.

But she stood, stoically, not moving, as I hosed her off, lathered her coat, and rinsed her off. If only the horses stood so still at bath time.

Because she was wet, I thought it best to let her dry off in the outdoor kennel.

She thought it best to dig. When dirt met wet hair, it became mud.

So, I rinsed her off again.

Not to be outdone, a day  later, Raven, the two-year-old, was making a racket in her crate while I was working in my office.

When I came downstairs, I found this:

I didn't ask why she'd draped the towel over her back. I just opened the crate door and took photos.

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