Friday, May 10, 2013

Meet Raven, aka New Dog

No, she's not a Lab.

She's a Border collie.

Unlike many other dog breeds, Border collies were bred for a work standard -- not a confirmation or looks standard. A Border collie was bred to work sheep.

So they could be 25 pounds or 50.

They could have long hair or short.

They could have prick ears, like Caeli.

Or semi-prick ears, like Tag.

Or one of each, like Mickey.

What makes a Border collie a Border collie is not its looks.

So, even though the spouse said, "Nice Lab" when he saw her play ball.

And, I expressed surprise when she did this.

I knew she was a Border collie when I saw her work sheep. (Sorry no photos of this yet).

She has a nice, quiet manner about her, which makes it easy to move the sheep into the pen. And, yes, she has the Border collie eye that she uses to gather them and convince them to move. So, it doesn't matter that she's a mostly black dog, with short hair.


  1. She will hide the mud well! She's a cutie, love the nose freckles!

  2. I'm hoping less hair means less places for mud to cling. The herding people seem to love those smoothies.