Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When Cats Train a Puppy...

When it comes to puppy training, my cats are the model of inconsistency.

Leslie rubs up against the puppy and tilts her head so the puppy can lick her ears.

Dewey Kitty runs, enticing Niki, the pup, to chase.

Louie parades in front of the pup, then jumps to a counter, a chest of drawers, a table where he can stare at the pup, who stares back at him.

Trick gives all kind of mixed signals.

He says, "Come hither," then grabs a back leg and gnaws on it.

The only thing the cats do consistently is bring the pup gifts. Each morning, when she goes outside to potty, Niki finds a half-eaten bird or mouse, left by the cats.

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