Wednesday, January 21, 2015

No thumbs? No problem.

When I saw Dewey Kitty lounging on my laptop keyboard, I darted across the room. I intended to grab him and toss his orange furry butt into the laundry room.

But he was quicker than me.

He hopped from the keyboard and left my computer screen looking like this.

I studied the keyboard. What did he hit to make the screen go sideways? (For the record, this is the same cat who hit the return key during an online Scrabble game causing me to "play" an 8-point word.)

I hit keys. The screen remained sideways.

Being the tech genius that I am, I turned off the laptop and turned it back on. Surely that would take care of the problem.

Nope. Still sideways.

I resorted to searching through the control panel. To do that, I had to place the laptop like this.

It made typing difficult.

But I finally found the way to turn the view from portrait to landscape. I was back in business.

And, when Dewey Kitty got top billing as Worst Pet Ever (poor Niki thought she had a chance after dog obedience class last night), I relayed the story to a co-worker, who said:


That's the shortcut key for switching from landscape to portrait view.

We studied her keyboard.

He could do it with three paws, maybe two.

I did not call him Genius.

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