Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Hawk, the Dog and the Rabbit

The dogs didn't notice that it was 10 degrees and the wind was gusting at 20 mph.

The Border collies just knew it was late afternoon and time for their walk.

I strapped on my skis and skied toward the field bordered by fence rows and woods. Raven and Niki, the young dogs, tussled and rolled, wrestled and chased; Tag trotted obediently behind me while Caeli dashed for the fence rows, hoping to pop up rabbits hunkered down in the snow.

Caeli spotted the rabbit at the same time as the red-tailed hawk. She darted toward the rabbit and the hawk dropped from his perch in the trees.

About three feet from the rabbit, Caeli saw the descending hawk and stopped. The hawk, seeing Caeli, flapped his wings frantically and moved from a descent to an ascent.

The rabbit hopped to safety and is telling the tale of outsmarting a Border collie and hawk on a cold winter's day.

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