Sunday, February 22, 2015

Different Agendas, Same Result

When we depart, I on skis, the dogs naked except for the collars around their necks, we're enthusiastic. Five inches of powdery snow, calm winds and temperatures in the teens make for excellent trekking weather.

But, when I stop to admire the frost, I realize we have different agendas.

I admire how the frost clings to the fences, and turns the pines Christmas-card perfect.

I study the weeds, looking for seeds that the birds may scavenge now that winter is nearing its end.

The dogs see no point in looking up, for their joy is under the snow. It's on the ground where they may disturb a rabbit or mouse.

And, so we move along, each taking our own walk, each enjoying the winter morning as we travel around the fields.

And though our agendas are different, we're in the same state when we reach the 1,000-foot marker, We are tired and happy and thankful for a winter walk together.

1 comment:

  1. Doncha know--you guys have your own version of Camelot!! The vision to see beauty where it's at.