Saturday, February 28, 2015

Signs of Spring

I spent the last day of February cross country skiing and moving more hay into the livestock barn.

Though the ground is snow-covered and more snow is on its way, it felt like spring.

The birds are singing, and I saw a Great Blue Heron flying overhead. The house wrens are scouting out the Christmas wreath hanging on the front door.

And, in the hen house, the chickens are back to laying eggs, not lots yet, but more than an occasional one.

You'll have to trust me on the eggs. This determined hen did not want to get up and show off the eggs.

Loose hairs cover the shedding horses.

They need haircuts and a good grooming, but with below-normal temperatures forecast this week, I leave the hair be.

The sheep, too, are showing the tell-tale sign of spring on our farm -- fibers on the fence.

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