Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Wardrobe Malfunction

After living and doing chores on the farm for 17+ years, I've learned to tolerate the weather.

With the right clothing, I can get through the routine of hauling water and hay and more hay to the sheep and horses, grain to the chickens and wood to the stove.

But this morning, in the midst of the Great Thaw, I had a wardrobe malfunction.

When I stepped into a four-inch puddle, cold water seeped into my boot, chilling my foot.

After six years of keeping my feet warm and dry, my Muck Boots failed me.

And, though it was a balmy 35 degrees and the wind was not blowing, the morning chores became a chore as I walked around the puddles in the yard, in the pastures, in the driveway.

And, I changed my agenda for the day.

I HAD to go shopping.

1 comment:

  1. You know the saying: ". . .the best-laid plans of mice and men." Hope you bought yourself a treat or a trinket--or both.