Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Great Spring Shed

My arms and shoulders are sore this morning.

Yesterday, temperatures reached into the 60s, and I went to the barn and groomed the horses.

I usually trim bridle paths, legs and tails in late February.

But snow was on the ground and temperatures were still dipping into the single digits. They needed that hair.

Last evening, as the birds sang and the sky was pink in the east and orange in the west, I curried and curried, loosening and removing winter coat.

I cut fistfuls of hair from their manes, tufts from their ears, long cheek hairs, and the five-inch feathers from Lily's legs. And, I picked at their chestnuts and ergots.

 When Lily nuzzled my pockets, looking for her peppermint treats, I laughed.

I'm not riding much these days, as I spend more time with work and Border collies.

"Why do you do all the work of caring for the horses without getting the pleasure of riding?" some ask.

They do not understand that riding is just a bit of the joy of horses.

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  1. It's been many years since I've been "horsey", however I know just exactly how you feel. Do it as long as you can!