Thursday, November 25, 2010

On This Rainy Thanksgiving Morning, I am Thankful for

A cat that snuggles, and a fire in the woodstove. A dog that is always by my side, and one that herds sheep. An old farmhouse, and a solid barn. Two ponies who call to me every morning, and sheep who demand their food. Chickens who come running, and warm, just laid eggs. Food in the freezer, and a plot of land that produces vegetables. A friend that makes me smile. A friend that encourages. A friend that expects more. Siblings who share a common childhood, and are a phone call away. Parents who are ready to dust us, should we fall. A husband who will journey with me, and tolerates it all. Dewey Kitty is thankful for Pull tabs on milk cartons Slow flies Toilet paper Ladders A cat buddy who'll play and snuggle with him. Tag is thankful for: Me. The hundreds who pet him, and think he's cute. A Frisbee, long walks, an adventure. A treat, a pet, a warm bed. Caeli is thankful for: Sheep. An owner who works her on sheep, and tolerates her eccentricities. Tag who plays and wrestles, and provides a crutch in social settings. A crate and a routine that offers the security she needs. Lily the Pony is thankful for: An equine buddy Pasture and hay An owner who tolerates her princess attitude. The hens are thankful for: Bits of vegetation A potato, a tomato, a seed, that I left in the garden Scratch grain and apple cores A place that is dry and free from predators. Trick the Barn Cat is thankful for: Slow sparrows Hay that is stacked six bales high Rafters A barn full of critters to amuse him Border collies to torment Cat food.

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