Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Fleecing Moment

About 800 feet down the driveway, I spotted the strands of fleece hanging from the tree brach.

The sheep are shedding now, and their fiber is wrapped around woven wire and sitting in clumps in the pasture. But trees? Surely one didn't escape from the pasture and climb into the tree.

I stepped off the driveway to further inspect the fiber. Some was already woven into a bird's nest. Others hung in strands, awaiting the bird's artistic touch.

Would the birds and their offspring appreciate burrowing into the fleece as much my numb fingers enjoyed that fleece on those many winter mornings?

Photo: The photo is of the in-progress nest. I don't know what bird is building it. I just know I've seen lots of beaks filled with twigs and straw.

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