Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Garden Surprise

For weeks, the squash, melon and tomato plants sat on the back porch. I watered them daily and waited for the soil to dry.

Last night, I began planting.

Midway through planting the vine crops, I reached for a plant and noticed a toad, moist and plump. Then I saw the disturbed soil by one of the plants.

Apparently in the past few weeks, she'd made the melon plant on the back porch her home. Apparently the trip to the garden and movement of plants awoke her, and she emerged from her home in a new place.

I wanted the melon plant, but I wanted toady to have a home.

"Stay there, girlie," I told her as I stuck the melon plant in the ground. I filled a plant container with loose, warm moist soil and returned the toad and cardboard tray to the back porch.

1 comment:

  1. I love the toads, they also snuggle down in a pot of flower, they come up a little surprised when I'm watering, their little spot is suddenly underwater. I would think after the spring we have had they would not longer look so surprised..... :D