Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lamb Brains

How many sheep does it take to make an entire brain?

I wondered this yesterday as I tried to reunite a wayward lamb with her flock.

Lambs are like mice and find ways to slip through openings that humans can't see. I'm not sure how the lamb ended up in a pasture next to her flock. I only knew that she did, and, judging by her wails, she wasn't happy about it.

She was standing within 15 feet of a closed gate. If I opened it, she could reunite with her flock.

When she saw me, she pronged in a big circle, and her brain could not register an open gate. The brain part that registered "open gate" must belong to another ewe.

I opened another gate. She pronged to another corner.

I attempted to herd her toward the open gate.

She wanted to take a direct path to her buddies. That would involve me cutting a hole in the fence.

After 10 minutes of chasing the lamb, my brain kicked in.

I moved the flock into the pasture with the lamb, then moved the flock back to their pasture.

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