Friday, July 29, 2011

Beyond the Comfort Zone

When temperatures dip below 20 degrees, I give the livestock extra hay. When temperatures climb toward 90, I give them extra water.

The sheep and horses are on pasture now and getting some water from the grass.

But they need so much more water when temperatures climb.

On an average summer day, when temperatures are in the 80s, the Haflingers drink about eight gallons of water each. Add 10 degrees, and their water consumption jumps to about 12 gallons each.

Because they are close to the ground, which is cooler than the air these days, the sheep do better in the summer heat than the horses. When eating grass and when temperatures are 70 degrees or below, they seldom drink water. When temperatures climb into the 80s, they sip water. During the heat wave, they've been drinking it.

I, too, am out of my comfort zone.

Even during morning chores these days, I feel the sweat running down my face and back and long for a return to days in the 70s or low 80s.

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