Monday, July 25, 2011

Conversations between the Beagle and the Border Collies

Barney the Beagle: "Surely you knew that was a skunk. I could smell him from the house."
Caeli the Border Collie: "I saw movement. I reacted. I don't think I smell that bad, do I?"
Barney: "Maybe you should rent a motel room tonight."

Tag the Border Collie: "Just look at that silly beagle. He's trying to get outside to bury a bone."
Caeli gives an eyeroll. "Aren't you so glad we Border collies have evolved beyond that?"

Things all three agree on:
Going for a walk.
Checking out the smells.
Zoomies and wrestling in the yard.
The couch. It's not just for humans.

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