Friday, July 15, 2011

A Perfect July Day

Sometimes Mother Nature gives a moment of relief from the summer heat and humidity.

She turns down the temperature and humidity dials, throws in a breeze and partly cloudy skies.

Usually, I'm able to take a break from work to enjoy a few hours of it.

Yesterday, I captured the entire day.

Caeli, the Border collie, and I spent it at a herding clinic. In the early morning, many participants wore sweatshirts in the morning chill. In the afternoon, we worked dogs and sheep without breaking sweating -- much.

Back on our farm in the evening, I admired the pink swirls in the darkening sky.

Mother Nature topped the perfect day with a full moon that highlighted white horse manes and illuminated the horses as they galloped in from pasture.

I stood in the paddock, listening to crickets, admiring the moon, savoring the last bits of a perfect July day.

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