Monday, September 26, 2011

The Color Green

"Maybe we're getting too much green in the house," the husband says when I finish painting the bedroom.

"Do you think?" I ask.

"The main rooms downstairs are green, my den is green, the walk-in closet floor is green, your office floor is green," he says.

I ponder this comment as I take the dogs outside for their evening walk through the fields.

The recent rains and cooler weather revitalized the grass.

I admire the patchwork of greens.

The rich green of the alfalfa fields,

The yellow green of the winter wheat field,

The lighter greens of the pastures,

The fading green of the corn and soybean fields.

Coming inside, I return to work in my upstairs office. The trees in the yard have grown so tall that they now block the red barn from view. I notice, though, that the green leaves from the ash tree are beginning to turn purple.

Soon, cold weather will come, the leaves will fall, the grass will go dormant and turn tan. But inside the house, I'll always have some green.

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