Monday, September 5, 2011

Life without Dogs

I look at the house and expect to see two black noses, two white stripes, and four eyes peaking through the screen door. When I enter the house, I await wagging tails and a Tag whine.

But there is none of that.

We were gone for part of the weekend, and Tag and Caeli went to a boarding kennel. I'm discovering that life is not as fun without my two cheerleading Border collies.

They are much more excited about chore time and walk time than me. But after an eight-hour car ride, I needed to take a walk and stretch my legs.

I had no dogs circling as I walked down the driveway. There was no Caeli pouncing mice in the grass or twirling her Jolly ball around her head. But after several yards, I discovered I had company.

Trick the Cat was tagging along behind me, and every few strides, he was scanning the landscape, looking for dogs.

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