Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pullets and kids

At dusk, I open the door to the chicken yard.

Before I reach the chicken house door, the pullets come running outside. Maybe I'm bringing tomato scraps, or melon rinds, or scratch grain. They don't want to miss a treat.

I return to the house and wait for the birds to go back to roost in the chicken house.

Five minutes later, I return to the chicken yard.

It's darker now, but the hens still insist on running outside.

They don't want to miss a thing.

And I am reminded of the recent overnight visit by my niece and nephew.

At 6:15 a.m., I hear the boy's alarm go off. At 6:17 a.m., both niece and nephew are in the kitchen, awaiting the activities for the day.

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