Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spiderwebs... A sure sign of fall

Most times, I feel, rather than see, the spiderwebs.

This morning, the fog rolled in and I saw how busy the spiders have been.


One web covered the garden gate.

This one looked like it was floating free in the yard. Upon closer inspection, I found the support threads attached to nearby pine trees and to tree limbs above.

Caeli, the Border collie, was only momentarily caught in the web. Then, she was on to watch chickens and find her red ball.

The spiders love making nest in the little pine trees. Maybe the pines are good trees for the beginning web builder.

I found this girl in the garden. I love how she makes a zigzag stitch. I'm not sure what kind of spider she is, but as a kid, I was convinced this was a black widow because I'd never seen a spider so big.

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  1. Hi,I am Sharons fridnds anc neighbor snd yolf mr you wetd vutioux snoug gbe dpiftz. Im dirts known as " thd bug kady" around here. There are a lot of ' orb weaving spiders. You havd pictutes of two of the modt common. The one on the fence is called an Araneud. It is one of the most commonly seen in fall. You will often dee their webs on utility lines Fencrs etc. thr dpider will usually run anc 'hide' st thd efgd of her web if thr web is touched or prey id csught in it. She suts with her legs rsther stiff to her bofy snd had multiple colors on her. In dpiders, msled ate much dmsller and dont make the big elaborate webs that a femsle. The large spider kn the picture later in your photos is cslled s 'Black and Yellow Argiope" manh people just csll it s ' garden spider'. It id kind of an honour to see an Argioprme. They are nit ad vommonly seen. I would duggrdt looking both up on the internet. So you can learn more about thrm. Thanks, Sharon, letting me share my knowledge snd hobby. I font grt ad many opportunities as i used to! Love ya, Brenda