Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Blue Truck and Bluebird Box Mystery

I've grown used to people stopping on the road in front of our farm.

Some people who used to live here stopped to take photos.

Several stop and try to determine if it is sheep or goats or some rare mountain breed grazing in the pastures to the south.

A couple stopped to search for a cell phone thrown out the car window during a fight the previous evening. I'm pretty sure they never found it.

So, when I saw a blue truck stopped on Saturday morning, I took notice, but went back to my attempts to video lambs romping in the pasture.

Later that day, I noticed the bluebird box on the utility pole near the road.

New bluebird boxes were mounted on utility poles on farms east and west of us.

"Who do you know that drives a blue truck?" I asked the nearby farmer.

He didn't know. (Yes, this surprised me, too).

Being that this is a blog, and a blog must have photos, I stopped to take photos on my afternoon walk with the Border collies.

Inside the box, I found a return address sticker.

The mystery man lives in a town about four miles from us.

I think I'll have to call him.

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