Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Teen Weeks

We are entering the teen-age phase of lambdom. The lambs on pasture are 4-6 weeks old. It's that age when they like to travel in packs with other lambs -- except when they're hungry, cold or scared.

Then they go crying for mom.

The lambs are grazing now, and if need be, could live without their mothers' milk. However, most will continue nursing until four to five months of age.

Already they're showing their personalities. This bold guy so wanted to check out the camera, but he couldn't find anyone to go with him.

The ewes are shedding their winter coats. The sides go first, and the top goes last. Most lambs are still able to nurse standing up. In a few weeks, they'll have to crouch on their knees for their dinner. They don't mind.


  1. Gives me a crick in my neck to see them bend their heads up like that. The poor ewes look pretty ratty, like somebody plucked them bald while they were asleep. So fun to see all the different colors...

    1. The Katahdins are usually pretty attractive... except at shedding time. Now, if I groomed them daily....