Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Power of Sugar and Salt

When a ewe died, I was left with 16-day-old twin ewe lambs.

Those lambs didn't want to be caught. They didn't want a bottle. They just wanted their mother.

Instead they got me.

Several times a day, I'd catch them, place them on my lap, pry their mouths open, and stick a baby bottle nipple into their mouths.

They'd take a few swallows, deem it nasty, and set their jaws.

After three days of this, I worried about them not getting enough calories and liquids.

So, I mixed an electrolyte solution for them, and again, only convinced them to drink a few ounces. But when I tried again a few hours later, they were more enthusiastic. After each drinking six ounces, they demanded more.

That evening, I offered them the lamb replacer formula. They sucked that down and begged for more.

So, now this is my view, times two, three times a day.

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