Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rambles of Spring

Even though the ground won't dry for weeks, I ask the husband to get out the manure spreader. It is 40 degrees and sunny, and I can  stand the winter mess no longer.

Listening to Fannigan's Isle, The Orange and the Green, I begin the task of cleaning out the barn.

Trick the Cat is happy to have someone in the barn, and he's quite intent on putting on a show.

He's taught the twin bottle lambs to give him belly rubs. When they get too rough, he teaches them about claws on noses.

There is enough manure in the horse paddock, sheep stalls and chicken house to fill the manure spreader again and again. But I focus on areas where it matters most -- in front of doors.

My goal for the day is to have the stalls ready for lambing season. That means I must clean out the horse stall that we've used for hay storage all winter. When doing so, I discover what my rogue hen has been doing.

The manure spreader is filled, and the sun is still shining. So I turn to another cleaning task.

I grab the hairy beasts, scissors and curry combs.

The birds will be happy.

And so am I.

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