Saturday, March 15, 2014

Waiting for a Friend

Most Katahdin lambs are born with instant playmates. For the first few days of their lives, twin or triplet lambs play chase games with each other.When tired, they curl up and nap with each other. As they grow older and their world expands, they join the other lambs for games.

Sometimes, though, a lamb is born as a single, with no playmate. Singles usually cling to their mothers for several days before searching for other lambs that will play.

We're at the beginning of lambing season.

As always, one ewe gave birth several days before the others. She had a single lamb.

(Here's our single at two days old. My mother says she looks like an Edith)

So, she's hanging out with her mom, practicing her leaps, and waiting for some other lamb to admire her moves.

As a single lamb, she was born bigger than most twins and, as the only one nursing, is growing fast. I'm hoping playmates arrive soon... and that's the others still see her as a lamb, and not a BIG bossy sister.

I took a short video of her today, at age 2 days. No, those are not lamb sounds that you hear.

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