Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Chick Freedom Day

Mama Hen hatched her chicks in the lamb pen about 3 weeks ago.

Every day, I gave them food and water and watched as they scratched and pecked in the 6 x 6 stall.

But Mama Hen grew restless.She wanted to rejoin the flock and roam the pastures and barnyard, looking for bugs and worms.

Every day she flew to the top rail of the stall and beckoned her chicks to follow.

But their wings are small and four feet is too high for them to fly.

They cheeped and called their mother back to them.

Last night, when darkness settled, we gave Mama Hen more freedom.

We moved her to the Young Chick house where the 9-week-old chicks are living.

"They're big enough to venture into the Young Chicken Yard," I tell the spouse. "Mama Hen will keep cats at bay."

Today, Mama Hen is happy. She's taking her three chicks around the chicken yard, eating bugs and greens.

Meanwhile, the juvenile chicks remain huddled in the Young Chick House, terrified of Mama Hen and her chicks.

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