Tuesday, June 2, 2015

One Day She's Wearing a Dress, then Next She's Off to School...

I picked her out when she was 5 weeks old.

And visited her until she was ready to leave her litter mates.

At 10 weeks of age, I don't know if she's going to be a good sheepdog. I just know her parents are--and that she's cute.

I dressed in her a sundress once. Yes, I know Border collies don't wear dresses, but a co-worker gave it to me. Even the cat knew she looked ridiculous.

The older dogs were less than impressed by Niki, and still are. But 3-year-old Raven was willing to play with her.

To get her used to car rides, I loaded her in the car and took her to the nearby Stillwater Prairie, where we took  long walks.

She traveled to sheepdog trials with Raven and me--and posed for Patti.

I tried to teach her to respect the cats.

But Trick wanted to play with her.

We survived three 7-week sessions of obedience class. She became more attentive and learned to sit and stay and down--but was too much of a busy-body and pup to be the star pupil.

At home, we played the "trade me" game, and she learned to give up shoes, gloves, and deer legs.

She grew long-legged, and she joined the other dogs for the daily treks around the hay fields and ponds.

Last week, at age 10 months, she went to the sheepdog trainer. While I'm anxious to see if this pup will take to herding like her mama, I was sad to see her go.

I miss having her at my feet, chewing a bone in the mornings. Though, it is nice to leave my shoes on the floor and know they'll be in the exact same spot when I return.


  1. Love the sequence of photos! Now you will be lonesome for her. How long will she be away. Poor baby. Sure she takes to the training to perfection.

  2. She'll be away for training off and on for several months. It takes time to put a solid foundation on a sheepdog. But, I'll visit her often--and she's quite happy doing what she was bred to do.